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ESL Technology: tools and services for game developers and publishers

Developed by the people behind the world's leading esports phenomenon and the world's largest esports company, ESL, utilizing all the background and know-how of running professional multiplayer game competitions and events. ESL Technology has been used and tested in countless online matches and its use is fully independent of other ESL services or ESL tournaments.

Our team is dedicated to providing state of the art solutions to help developers improve the experience of their competitive multiplayer games.

Competitive multiplayer gaming

The growing significance of competitive multiplayer games and esports creates certain challenges for developers and forces them to think beyond just simple multiplayer modes in their online games. Considerations and features needed to develop a competitive multiplayer game include reliable anti-cheating, multiplayer matchmaking, spectator modes, live streaming and dedicated multiplayer balancing.

Easy to learn, hard to master

We have developed technologies, namely ESL Matchmaking and ESL Anti Cheat, which help developers master some of those challenges faster and better - and be successful in a global esports environment.

ESL Matchmaking - providing the perfect match

Multiplayer games, whether turn-based or real-time, can be extremely frustrating without the right gamers to play with or against. Correctly matching players and handling the complex technical aspects behind a successful and reliable player matchmaking process is essential to an enjoyable and rewarding multiplayer experience.

If players are not matched with one or more appropriate fellow gamers, in many cases, they may stop playing a multiplayer game because they aren’t enjoying the experience and their expectations are unmet.

ESL Matchmaking is a comprehensive, professional-grade turnkey service that grew out of our experience as the leader in competitive online gaming. It has been thoroughly tested and used to successfully match more than 500,000 unique players in ESL competitions.

ESL Matchmaking is a complete toolkit that allows developers to provide perfect player matchmaking with little to no development effort, freeing them to focus on creating the perfect game rather than worrying about the complexity of a robust matchmaking experience. ESL Matchmaking supports PC, consoles and mobile.

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ESL Matchmaking features:

  • Skill based matchmaking, based on the normal/Gaussian distribution.
  • Matchmaking for individual players and partys (groups of x players)
    • Matchmaking from 1v1 up to 12v12.

  • Readiness check for all participants when a match is found.
  • Quick replacement in case one player is not ready.
  • Does not require/use confidential or sensitive player data; matches are based on match and results data.
  • Platform independence: it runs on dedicated servers and connects through a web API.
  • It supports cross-platform matchmaking.

Configurable Options:

  • Customized matchmaking: adjustable values depending on the demand and expectations of each unique community.
  • Decide on the length of delay to find a match: wait longer for a perfect match or shorter for a more generally compatible set of competitors.
  • Decide if the player parties of different sizes are more than the actual sum of their individual skills, and, if so, adjust the matchmaking factor.
  • Configure the wait queues based on game mode, geography and other restrictions.
  • Configurable point system for win, lose or draw results.
  • Punishment options for rule violations.
  • Configurable seasons (start/end date).
  • Individual player rankings:
    • Based on queues, game modes or overall.
    • For single seasons or unlimited/life-time.


Our ESL Matchmaking API and SDK is completely free and available on request. The free version provides you with the complete feature set, but is currently limited to 1v1 matchmaking and 2,000 matches per month.

The general pricing of the paid version of ESL Matchmaking is directly related to the success of your game and depends on two factors:

  • The maximum number of players entering a match and thus the size of player teams:
    • 1v1
    • 5v5
    • 10v10
  • The maximum number of matches per month included in your package of choice, which can be adjusted easily when your game requirements change.

Please inquire the pricing for your game by contacting us, indicating your needs and expectations. Of course we'll be happy to help and consult you in order to find the perfect package for you.

Contact & Free SDK

For the free ESL Matchmaking API/SDK and documentation please contact us. tech@eslgaming.com