eSports at its best: First ever SMITE tournament held at Paris Games Week

All eyes on Paris: high class eSports tournaments with ESL and Hi-Rez Studios at Paris Games Week – Europe’s best teams compete in the first ever SMITE tournament and in Tribes: Ascend in Hall 1 – Total prize pool of 10,000 Euro

Cologne, October 17th, 2012 – Show Time for Video Games: the Paris Games Week from October 31st to November 4th is a must-see show for all gaming enthusiasts. Fans of electronic sports (eSports) are eager to see the first ever SMITE tournament (Hall 1). In cooperation with Hi-Rez Studios, Europe’s leading league for videogames Electronic Sports League (ESL) brings the brand new MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) onto stage. Another eSports highlight is the tournament in Tribes: Ascend, the world’s fastest online multiplayer shooter. The SMITE-tournament will be held in the classic 5on5 mode and Tribes: Ascend will be played in 7on7. After an online qualification in both games the four very best teams in Europe will compete for a total prize money of 10,000 Euro. Both the online qualifier and LAN tournaments are broadcasted live at ESL TV – www.esl.tv. Further information about the high class eSports tournaments at Paris Games Week is available at:
SMITE: www.esl.eu/eu/smite/news/205728
Tribes: Ascend: www.esl.eu/eu/tribes/news/205714

“We are really excited to announce that together with ESL we will hold the first tournament ever in SMITE at Paris Games Week this year”, says Nabil Ismail, Senior Director of Hi-Rez Studios. “eSports is one of the key
aspects for any competitive game and especially a MOBA to be successful over the years and SMITE totally fits this philosophy. The ESL
has one of the strongest eSports communities in the world and we know
that SMITE is ready for them – as ESL is ready for us.”

“Hi-Rez Studios and the ESL have a common objective: We want to bring
high class eSports tournaments  to  the global gaming community”, says
Sebastian Weishaar, Vice President International Business at Turtle Entertainment, the company behind ESL. “After already working together
with Hi-Rez Studios at gamescom we are sure that SMITE will be one of
the most impressive titles in eSports. That’s what we will prove a fact at
Paris Games Week.”

All facts at a glance

What:    The first ever SMITE tournament
              plus: Tribes: Ascend tournament
Where:  Paris Games Week
              Paris EXPO, Porte de Versailles, Hall 1      
When:   2012, October 31st to November 4th

The total prize money is 10,000 Euro (5,000 Euro for each discipline). The event will be broadcast live by ESL TV at www.esl.tv.
Further information about SMITE and Tribes: Ascend is available at:
SMITE: https://account.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/
Tribes: Ascend: https://account.hirezstudios.com/tribesascend/
Electronic Sports League
The Electronic Sports League (ESL) is the largest and most important league for gamers in Europe consisting of more than 4 million registered members and more than 800,000 registered teams. ESL is operated by the company Turtle Entertainment GmbH since 2000 and offers more than 3,500 professional leagues and amateur ladders from a variety of games. Nearly 400.000 matches per month are being played worldwide using the ESL technology. The ESL website currently reaches above 2.5 million unique visitors a month and about 35,000 new players register every month. Further information available at: www.esl.eu

Hi-Rez Studios
HI-REZ STUDIOS was founded in 2005 to create exceptional online interactive
entertainment. As the name implies, our goal is to create online games at that highest
level of quality, both visually and in terms of gameplay. We are an independent studio,
able to work with any publisher, on any platform, and to establish game design, art, and
production schedules in support of our vision.

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