ESL to bring world class eSports to Japan with new local partner

JCG acquires ESL license in bid to raise the level of international eSports in Japan

(Cologne, Germany) September 4th, 2014 – The world’s largest independent eSports brand, ESL, is set to get larger following JCG’s recent acquisition of an ESL license. Set to follow ESL’s brand promise of creating legendary eSports moments, both JCG and ESL aim to up the level of competition in Asia with new focus in Japan.

Gaming culture in Japan has been on the rise in recent years and with a new partner in the region, ESL hopes to ensure this rise is also reflected in the local eSports scene. JCG’s understanding of culture, scene and gaming will help ESL to provide the best possible service both for aspiring professionals and casual gamers.

“As leaders in the Japanese eSports scene, we at JCG are looking at ways to bring the community the next level of competition. We’re looking to put Japanese players in a position where they can constantly challenge the world’s best on an international stage. As the world’s largest eSports platform, ESL is without a doubt our best and strongest partner. With the help of one another we are looking forward to a bright future for eSports,” said Ryan Lee, President of JCG (Milestone International Japan Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan).

Local offices in Japan mean that the country can look forward to upcoming country-specific ESL Pro Series, Go4-Cup Series and ESL Amateur Series competition. It will also be able to host regional qualifiers for Intel Extreme Masters, amongst other major tournament series. More information about online competition can be found at http://beta.esl.asia/jp - Please note that the website is currently still in beta but will soon host competition for League of Legends, StarCraft II, Hearthstone and many more in the coming weeks!

“We are thrilled to be able to announce ESL’s expansion into Japan and are looking forward to working with JCG. ESL is enjoying growing popularity in Asia and Japan is a growing country for eSports, so we’re very excited to see what we can achieve in the region,” said Sebastian Weishaar, Senior Vice President International Business at ESL.

For more information about JCG please visit www.j-cg.com. For more information about the expansion please visit www.eslgaming.com.


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JCG - (Japan Competitive Gaming www.j-cg.com) - is the leading eSports brand in Japan, hosts the largest eSports tournaments, amateur and Pro national leagues, and the best eSports production team in Japan. JCG organizes hundreds eSports online competitions with various games for amateur players to professional players, produces hundreds live game broadcast streamings for thousands Japanese and overseas viewers. "From Japan to the World" the mission of JCG, trains Japanese players to challenge numerous international competitions, connects Japanese eSports community to international communities, leads Japanese eSports scene and spreads Japanese gaming culture to the world.