We are the new era of digital entertainment

Discover how we create and promote gaming experiences. The modern culture of Esports offers gaming enthusiasts, fans and sponsors thrilling entertainment in an all-new, interactive environment.

Our global tournaments offer exciting highlights and daily content, which we broadcast directly to the fans at home. Inspired by their idols, young gamers visit our websites daily where they train and communicate - motivated to become the next Esport legend.

Our four biggest skills and assets

Create amazing gaming events.

From studio to trade fair size. Broadcast them live & globally.

World's #1 portal for esports. Develop industry leading matchmaking, anti-cheat technologies, scalable websites and game-integrations.

Include partners & products
into our brand's storyline & help with our
15+ year gaming experience.

World's largest independent esports followership.
We understand, grow and entertain a highly attractive target group.

That’s us! Our employees.

"The great thing about working in esports: My colleagues are natural team players and competitive!" - David Hiltscher, VP Gaming Communities

Active on six continents. Global company with local experts.

Our headquarters in Cologne are the node of our international work. Core products such as our online platforms are directed from here. Local subsidiaries in North and South America, UK, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Russia, Australia and South East Asia, as well as partners in many countries create national highlights and first class local events.

... a Turtle?

The turtle. Slow, clueless and boring? No: There’s a reason for this animal to be representative for spiritual journeys. It’s strong and always goes its way, unstoppable and with a great defensive mechanism nothing can stop the turtle. Besides that, there’s enough cats on the internet - and turtles are cute too, right?

ESL ran stadium events on five continents in the last 12 months. North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
IEM Katowice is the biggest ever Esport Festival with 173.000 fans attending the IEM EXPO.
Broke 10+ million followers on social media.
ESL One Cologne sells out the Lanxess Arena with over 14.000 fans each day!
World Esports Association (WESA) is founded.
ESL Pro League Season 4 with 15 million video views online, 74 million impressions on Facebook and Twitter
ESL One Cologne has over 27 million unique viewers on twitch.tv and peaks at 1.3 million concurrent viewers.
All time twitch.tv world record: 1,000,000+ concurrent viewers at ESL One & IEM Katowice.
$1mio Counter-Strike league announced: The ESL ESEA Pro League.
First esport event in a world cup soccer stadium (ESL One Frankfurt)
Opening Los Angeles ESL TV studios
ESL One is hosted in the Madison Square Garden, New York.
640,000 concurrent ESL TV viewers (ESL One and IEM Katowice)
  First year to hosted events on 6 different continents
IEM with events in USA, China, Germany, Poland, Brazil and Singapore
318,000 concurrent ESL TV viewers (IEM Katowice)
  4,000,000 members (ESL)
Technical connection between ESL and two major AAA games (LoL & BF3)
Release: ESL A-Series
New countries: ESL Baltics & ESL Australia
First event in Brazil
IEM Sao Paulo
  3,600,000 members (ESL)
247.000 concurrent ESL TV viewers at Global Challenge in Kiev
IEM Season 6: Now with League of Legends!
CeBIT: IEM World Finals in 5 languages (85,000 concurrent viewers)
  3,000,000 members (ESL)
Release: ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
New country: ESL Portugal
  2,500,000 members (ESL)
207m Page Impressions IVW
Release: ESL Matchmaker
Turtle wins LARA award
New country: ESL Israel
  2,000,000 members (ESL)
Release: ESL Wire
Intel® Extreme Masters with first events in USA, Dubai, South-Korea
New countries: USA, UK, Scandinavia & Poland
  1,600,000 members (ESL)
ESL TV Relaunch
New countries: ESL Spain & Romania
  1,300,000 members (ESL)
750 spectators at iFNG Oberhausen
Release: ESL Gather System
Launch Consoles.net
  900.000 members (ESL)
Release: ESL Playercard
Release: ESL Aequitas Anti-Cheat
New Countries: Bulgaria & Italy
  600.000 members (ESL)
Release: ESL Instant Challenger
First appearance with booth at Games Convention
New Countries: Austria & Switzerland
  400.000 members (ESL)
Release: ESL Amateur Series (EAS)
Launch ESL TV
New Country: France
  200.000 members (ESL)
Release: ESL Premium Account
Launch ESL Pro Series
First Intel Friday Night Game (IFNG)
  100.000 members (ESL)
Release: Electronic Sports League 2.0 Release
  Foundation Turtle Entertainment
Release: Electronic Sports League