A unique place to work

Every one of us was born in the zenith of new kinds of media and gaming. We understand and actively live this type of entertainment and its associated industry and offer our fans a unique and global program. We are the digital revolution and thrust forward with constantly new impulses to an increasingly faster pace.

This is our passion. What about yours?


Meike Scheiderich
Head of HR, ESL
+49 221 880 449 - 125

Current Open Positions

Region Sector Job title
Brazil / Sao Paulo TV Technical Producer (m/f)
France / Paris TV, Event Technical Producer (m/f)
France / Paris TV, Event Motion Designer / Video editor / GFX Designer (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Community Management Community Manager (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Community Management International Project Manager (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Event Internship Event management / Fairs & Conventions (m/f)
Germany / Cologne IT Apprenticeship IT Specialist system integration (m/f)
Germany / Cologne IT Linux System Engineer (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Management Accountant (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Marketing GFX Designer (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Marketing Online Marketing Manager (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Marketing Graduating Student – Internal Communication, Image and Identity Research Project (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Product Management Product Manager (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Sales Senior Sales Manager (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Sales International Online Campaign & Publisher Manager (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Sales, Marketing Marketing & Communications Apprentice (m/f)
Germany / Cologne TV Apprenticeship Video Editor (IHK Ausbildung) (m/f)
Germany / Cologne TV Video Editor (m/f)
Germany / Cologne TV TV Sport Show Producer (m/f)
Germany / Cologne TV Broadcast Engineer (m/f)
Germany / Cologne TV Technical Director / Video Operator (m/f)
Germany / Cologne TV Lighting Camera Operator (m/f)
Germany / Cologne TV Audio Operator / Audio Engineer (m/f)
Germany / Cologne TV Broadcast CG / Graphics Operator (m/f)
Germany / Cologne TV Broadcast IT Engineer (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Web Development Visual Designer UI, UX, Graphics (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Web Development Software Engineer Anticheat (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Web Development Full Stack Developer (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Web Development Backend Developer (m/f)
Germany / Cologne Web Development Frontend Developer (m/f)
Global Social Media Freelance Social Content Contributors & Editorial Content Contributors (m/f)
Poland / Katowice Event, TV Junior TV Producer (m/f)
Poland / Katowice Finance, Management Senior Financial Specialist (m/f)
Poland / Katowice Sales Sales executive (m/f)
Poland / Katowice TV, Event Technical Specialist: Audio and Video / Video mixer Operator (m/f)
Poland / Katowice TV FPS Colour Caster (m/f)
Poland / Katowice TV Play-by-play Caster (m/f)
Russia / Moscow Management Senior Sales Manager CIS (m/f)
USA / Burbank Event Associate Producer (m/f)
USA / Burbank Finance Accounts Receivable Specialist-PT (m/f)
USA / Burbank Finance Junior Accountant (m/f)
USA / Burbank League Operations ESL America League Administrator (m/f)
USA / Burbank League Operations ESL America League Operations Coordinator (m/f)
USA / Burbank Office Project Assistant (m/f)
USA / Burbank Product Management Director, Partner Management (m/f)
USA / Burbank TV, Editorial US Video Editor (m/f)
USA / Burbank TV Live Events Producer/Director (m/f)
USA / New York Marketing, Sales Account Executive (m/f)